Exotic Travel & Safaris - Touring Namibia the other way. 

Experience our unique culinary and cultural tours.

Exotic Travel & Safaris provides extraordinary journeys through our beautiful and fascinating Namibia. 

Only Namibia is so diverse and unique and full of wide horizons, endless stretches of golden desert dunes and rocky plains. 

This vast, rugged, and pristine country is a haven for wildlife, nature, and cultures that are quintessentially African and absolute unique in many ways.

Namibia is a diverse country with contrasting landscapes and equally diverse ethnic groups and cultures. 

Our tours focusing on the central northern part of Namibia where approximately half of the population lives. Experience the history and rich culture of the Owambo.

Our Cuisine Damaraland Tour is a very special and tailor made route through the stunning Damaraland. See what the Omulunga Tour provides.

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